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The Top 20 ways to beat a car dealer

Buying a new car from a car dealership is awful. Getting that new car should be a pleasant experience, but it’s not. The deck is stacked against you, and your opponent (the car salesman) is match fit. That car salesman is not on your side. The dealership is not ‘helping you’. The dealership's mission is to extract your cash - as much of it as possible. Car salesmen have a playbook full of tricks and traps. They do it every day. This video - and these 20 tips for beating the dealer - is the cure.

1. Shop at the end of the month

2. Buy a car in stock

3. Pitch a low offer

4. Abrogate the limit

5. Walk away

6. Sell your used car & get independent finance

7. The dealership is a vending machine

8. Any time a car dealer talks, it’s probably bullshit

9. Time pressure is definitely bullshit

10. There’s plenty of profit in the deal

11. Normal conversational rules and etiquette don’t apply

12. Don’t answer questions - ask them

13. Don’t cave in to emotional pressure

14. Dealer delivery is a scam

15. Don’t queue up

16. Scare tactics (protection)

17. Accessories

18. Extended warranties

19. Branded insurance

20. Use a broker - that’s where I come in.

My strong advice is: use all of these tips at the dealership. Negotiate the best deal you can on your next new car. Don’t pay a deposit. Don’t sign a contract. Don’t succumb to any of the car dealer's BS about the deal evaporating when you walk out the door (it won’t). Then contact me online at - I’ll get my brokerage onto this purchase, and they’ll use their inside knowledge and bulk-buying power to cut even more cash out of the car you want.

There’s no obligation. It’s easy, quick and painless, and it’s not a scam. We’re currently saving new car buyers a total of more than $100,000 off the recommended drive-away price of new cars - every month. You can save too.



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