Hyundai Genesis Review : E-Class challenger or pretender?

If you're rolling up to the corridors of power in Canberra, your luxury ride might be the patriotic choice such as a Holden Caprice, or it might be a 4-door from one of the ever popular Germans Audi, BMW, Mercedez. But you probably never thought that it could be a Hyundai. This is the Genesis. Without a doubt, the Korean car maker's most ambitious car yet.


The Genesis is pitched as being similar in size to a 7-series, but priced more like a 3-series starting from $60,000 exactly. We reckon there's also significant design influence from the main BMW assigning to challenge the 5-series. The profile is similar in terms of the metal-to-glass ratio and the chopped-off nose. Though the rear roof line blends into the boot lid to create less of a three-box sedan silhouette. You'll also notice cleaner body servicing that represents Hyundai's evolved design language. Though expect a bulkiness with a big hexagonal grill up front. There's only a Bentley-esque winged Genesis logo on the bonnet however. The only Hyundai badge on the car is found on the rear.

You won't find a single H logo anywhere in the cabin. We're not sure if the company doesn't want to remind you that you're driving a Hyundai, but there's no reason to be ashamed. Yes, the cabin design is a little bit luxury car generic and you even have your mandatory analog clock. But there's clearly plenty of effort and thought that's gone into the choice of materials, the fit and finish, and the general layout of the controls.

There's some really nice attention to detail just in the way that the fairest lidded bits and the buttons are damped, and I really like this bit, one-touch power windows. Look at the way that it's a really slow, soft close at the end. As for the backseat, that's truly generous in terms of space and comfort.

That's particularly important if you're thinking of putting an HC plate on the car. For a car that measures almost 5 meters long, that's kind of expected. However, would you expect a Hyundai to drive like an E-class or 5-series? Hyundai spent more than a year honing Genesis for Aussie roads.


Benchmarking the BMW for body control and the Mercedez for ride comfort. There's even some partial input into the car from British sports car maker, Lotus. Don't get too carried away with that fact, because the Genesis doesn't venture into sporty sedan territory. It weighs up to 2 tons and it never really disguises that weight on the road. It has to be coaxed a bit into the corners. There's a fair amount of body lean, but at least once you're into the corner, the car feels quite nicely poised and it's not ruffled by mid-corner bumps. Generally, the suspension does a really good job on body control, giving you a little bit of suppleness on country roads, sitting on just the right side of floatiness.

Ride comfort though is definitely at its smoothest on the base of mid-spec models that sit on 18-inch wheels. Things get a little bit more bumpy and knobblier when you go to the bigger 19s. As for the steering, it's more accurate than your average Hyundai rack. It's not bad at all. But if we're looking at luxury car perfection, it's not quite there. The electric assistance is a little bit notchy. So it's just not as smooth as you'd like it to be and certainly not as smooth as a steering in a 5-series or E-class. Luxury cars usually come with a choice of engines.


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