Hyundai i30 2017 review | first drive video

Tim Robson road tests and reviews the Hyundai i30 with specs, fuel consumption and verdict at its launch in South Korea.

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We all want more for less these days. More internet data for less per month, for example, or a holiday with extra nights thrown in for free.

Hyundai has big plans to become the world's number one car maker, and its brand new i30 is designed to give its owners - you guessed it - more.

This is the third generation of Hyundai's popular i30, and it's been redone from the ground up, with a new chassis, new engines and an entirely new interior.

It's now longer and wider than cars like the Volkswagen Golf, and offers more head and shoulder room inside too.

The body redesign is meant to give the i30 a bit more of a premium car feel, and up close it does just that – it really looks refined and confident up close. Not sure about those reflectors on the rear bumper, though.

New safety equipment like auto emergency braking, advanced radar cruise control and lane keep assist will be offered for the first time, too.

You'll be able to tell the i30 SR apart pretty easily, too, with its distinctive dual tail pipes.

Hyundai engineers told us that their key focus with the i30 was making sure that its driving performance was up to par – and that's not something you hear very often from engineers who work on small hatchbacks.

And they're not talking about turning it into a mini race car, either. Driving performance also means that a car feels good when you drive it down the street, and you can't really explain why.

Built on top of a stiffer chassis, the i30's suspension set up is a big leap forward for Hyundai – and an even bigger leap for a car that will cost well less than $25,000 on average.

There's a real quality and maturity to the i30's ride and steering that simply hasn't been there before. This is a Korean spec car, and Australian cars will get their own suspension tweaks to suit our roads, but the basic ingredients are already here.

The steering is measured and accurate, and the way the i30 soaks up bumps is really impressive. It's also exceptionally quiet inside, whether you're driving the petrol or the diesel.

In fact, the i30 could now be easily compared with the best cars in the category, including the Volkswagen Golf.

Inside, it's a similar story. There's a lot of detail work in the new car, and a lot of buttons have been moved or deleted to give the dash a cleaner, more classy feel.

There are plenty of practical touches, too, like extra bottle holders and options like wireless charging for mobiles

Any bad news? Well, it looks like the price of the i30 may have to go up a bit, and that may stop a few people from adding to their shopping lists. Headroom in the rear seat, too can be affected if a sunroof is installed.

We've only sampled left-hand-drive versions that aren't quite the same as the cars we'll get in Australia, but right away, it's easy to tell that the new i30 really is something that's a genuine step above the current car. And if Hyundai Australia prices it right, it's going to be a monster hit.

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