2013 Hyundai Accent SE Consumer Report

HYUNDAI-KIA CLASS ACTION NEWS. Hyundai convinced the court that the class action settlement should not be published in the magazines and newspaper ads like in the past. So if you are an affected Hyundai/Kia owner you have to go to Hyundai website and look for MPG reimbursement at the top or use the link below. Also in other class actions, the claim forms would be handled by a neutral third party law firm; in this case, claim forms go directly to Hyundai with little oversight. Go to the the link herein to see the claim forms and details. If you want to receive reimbursement fill out a claim form and keep a copy. Claims forms must be received by March 5 2015. Claim amounts can range from about $300 to $700. You can also appear in court in June 2015 to oppose the terms of the settlement. If you want to appear in court to oppose the settlement terms, you will have the chance to object to attorney fees and ask the Judge why class members will not get the entire $2700 that the Judge said the claims were worth. https://www.hyundaimpgclasssettlement.com [Updated Dec 7 2014].

Review of the Accent SE five door with erratic idle, vibration thru steering wheel, alloy wheels, road feel, defective motor mount questions, corporate recommended inspection of suspension bolts at 15,000 miles, and the Better Business Bureau auto line related arbitrator ruling 2012 case HYU1216311. The arbitrator ruled that Hyundai s suffer from manufacturer defect motor mounts. Hyundai has made no comment about whether it is still installing the defective mounts on newer vehicles. [Note the actual sound of the engine noise has been reduced by 90 per cent to accommodate the voice over narration.] See related videos on this Site and video 'Hyundai Motor America and Race'.

THE BIG LIE: Hyundai Owners are not surprised about poor mileage.





See Video this site Hyundai and Kia overstated gas mileage

What else do they lie about? Video link this site:


Viewer bsp1148 to this site states, "This SOB does not know what the hell he is talking about. Elantra does not come with a GDI engine, you moronj! What he complains about the GDI engine is normal. I have tested 2012 Nissan Altima engines and they all were visibly shaky. Go check them out if I lied to you. You need to get sued for your big mouth. " In contradiction to bsp1148 see this from news sites: "October 20, 2012 — Nissan is recalling model year 2012-2013 Altima vehicles manufactured from May 10, 2012, through July 26, 2012. The vehicles may have been equipped with transverse link bolts and power steering rack bolts that were not torqued to proper specs. Nissan says the bolts could become loose and fall out which could cause the vehicle to go out of control. The recall is expected to begin about October 29, 2012."

Conclusion: The engine shaking or erratic idle of certain Hyundai models could be deadly. So get a certified mechanic to check yours ASAP. Will Hyundai issue a recall? Remember what Hyundai's Jim Worrell said after witnessing the Hyundai shaking: he called it "commercially acceptable."





WHAT'S NEW and Reasons Why You Should Not Buy a Hyundai


PUBLIC ACCOMMODATION and Questions and Answers re Hyundai


See the video this site "HYUNDAI MOTOR AMERICA AND RACE".

Hyundai refuses to inspect and repair its own vehicles. Do you feel safe?



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